Michael Day's personal notebook and e-diary

The last few weeks away from my work at Integra have been largely dominated by family matters, some wonderful, some less so.

On the positive side, my children and grandchildren continue to bring great joy into Sue and my lives with their never ending energy and enthusiasm for life. My eldest grandson Jack is a huge Hornets fan (he had little choice!) and when not in school uniform will be found sporting one of his many Watford FC football kits. He can also recite verbatim the entire Watford FC squad by name and number, something even I struggle with. I hope this proves useful educationally in the future!

My youngest grandchild – Taylor Grace - is nearing her first birthday and, every day that passes sees her become more engaging and more of a personality.

My other four grandchildren, Georgia, Ellie, Tia and James are full of mischief and the Day household is always better for their presence.

My birthday in May was a loud and fun affair with Sue, all of my children, their partners and children present. I even got to blow my own candles out this year on my Colin the Caterpillar cake!

Less joyful has been the need to move my mother into a care home. Unfortunately a diagnosis of dementia and increasing confusion and instability on her feet has forced this major decision.

A situation arose whilst Sue and I were away in Sheffield at the fabulous HRH Blues festival that necessitated our early return and we were lucky that, after a short spell living with us, we were able to secure a place at a wonderful home in Denham.

The adjustment is however huge and mum is understandably finding it difficult but I know that it is the right move for her safety and hope that she eventually comes to terms with everything and will “forgive me” for taking this action.

The home and staff are wonderful and, being located much closer to where I live, is making seeing mum much more straightforward. Many of her friends have taken the time to visit and, in some instances, take her out for lunch and keep her active.

Losing my father two years ago was hard but nothing compared to the situation with my mum. I know this is not a unique situation but I now know how it feels for so many of you reading this who have experienced similar situations in your lives.

My brother Chris was over from the USA recently and fully supports the moves we have taken. We now have the issue of selling the family home with all of its memories including the, not insignificant, issue of clearing some 45 years of “stuff”

We plan a trip away with mum when my brother and family are over again in July. I hope she is OK to join us and share in a couple of fun days.

The football season is over and whilst the World Cup will dominate the summer, it must be said that Watford FC’s year was one of disappointment and frustration after promising much more.

Despite injuries and a managerial issue, the Hornets finished comfortably above the relegation zone but they should have finished in the top ten – their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory being one of the few points of consistency all year.

This summer the club are being legally forced to install another 40 disabled spaces (bringing a total to 150) despite only ever having had 78 disabled places filled at any game and despite our own disabled supporters club opposing the idea) – This will necessitate around 300 season ticket holders (including myself) being moved. I currently await the proposals over new seating but expect it to be less attractive than at present. Not happy!

Music continues to figure strongly in my life and provides an enjoyable escape from other aspects of reality. The last few weeks have seen me attend three great gigs in France with Wishbone Ash, the HRH Blues Festival in Sheffield where Catfish, Pat McManus, Bernie Marsden, The Rainbreakers, Sari Schorr and others were the star turns. I have also attended other gigs by John Verity, Sari Schorr, Nigel Bagge, Papa George and Val Cowell, Del Bromham’s Blues Devils and Storm Warning.

In May I attended an evening at Porsche Great Britain in Reading where Derek Bell was speaking and signing copies of his new book. Derek was a huge hero of mine in the 1980’s and I have a few limited edition signed prints gracing the walls of my “man cave” Sometimes meeting a hero can disappoint -but certainly not on this occasion!