Social Media

Social Media

Everyone is aware of social media but many businesses have been slow to embrace the opportunities that are available for engaging with customers and growing market share.

Fact one: Over 35 million people in the UK use Facebook regularly and more messages are now sent through this social media site per day than by email.

Fact two: Over 32 million people in the UK use You Tube regularly and it has become the second most used search engine in the World with 24 hours of new video posted to the site every minute.

Fact three: Over 16 million people in the UK use Twitter regularly.

Fact four: Over 10 million people in the UK use Linked In regularly.

Of course Google have also moved into this space with Google+ and there are other platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat that are growing fast and cannot be ignored.

These facts about Social Media usage alone should be making businesses realise that they need to be embracing what is already becoming a crowded space and developing and implementing strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

46% of businesses cite a lack of knowledge as a reason for not taking advantage of these opportunities. Yet with over 50% of your businesses customers regularly using social media it is clearly a medium that cannot afford to be ignored.

Social Media

Integra believe that simple and effective strategies can be implemented to take advantage of social media. Many of our clients now have many thousands of followers and fans with whom they regularly engage on Twitter and Facebook. This is a crucial part of a holistic approach to online marketing and customer engagement.

At Integra we help businesses use social media to improve their customer engagement, increase sales and profits and command a return on investment.

In 2013, Integra won the #SmartSocial Award on Twitter for innovative marketing and use of Social Media.

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Remember, we are a highly experienced property business that has developed social media expertise not a social media marketing company that doesn't understand the property market. We believe there is a BIG difference in approach.

Our social media packages start at just £100 per month. Call us on 01753 889287 or 07717 295369 (mobile) to discuss how we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Contact us and we shall be pleased to discuss how we can help you.