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It's an age old question:

"What if we invest in our staff and they leave?"

The answer?:

"What if you don't and they stay?"

Ensuring that you and your team operate at peak performance and focus on the things that count, comes from maximising a combination of attitude, behaviour, knowledge and skill.

Training, coaching and mentoring helps ensure peak performance and service delivery as well as regulatory compliance and good business practice.

Integra provide a range training and coaching sessions that can be delivered individually or as part of a structured series or longer programme. These courses are run by Michael Day MBA FRICS FNAEA FARLA – a highly experienced industry professional with considerable training, coaching and mentoring experience who has built up an enviable reputation as an engaging and knowledgeable trainer and coach, delivering bespoke courses to management and staff at all levels.

Dozens of business leaders, owners, directors, partners and managers have attended Michael’s unique “Mind Your Own Business” programmes as delegates and their feedback on how the programmes have helped them and their businesses can be found in the testimonials section of this website.

Training and coaching sales and lettings staff to build trust with clients and customers, identify needs, spot opportunities, gain commitment and close appointments and transactions is key to success and, when well managed, also builds teamwork and loyalty. 

As one of the property industry’s leading experts on legislation and good business practice, over 2000 delegates have attended Michael’s courses on Consumer Protection Regulations, Money Laundering Regulations, GDPR and other legislation. Michael manages to make what might seem to be somewhat dry content, engaging and fun, without ever losing sight of the objectives of education and compliance.

Much of the training, coaching and mentoring that we provide is bespoke and best delivered in regular, short and punchy sessions so that delegates can digest easily put the knowledge, skills and techniques into practice right away.


All modules and courses (and custom created programmes) can now be delivered online via Zoom (or other video platforms if preferred). These are all interactive programmes not pre-recorded sessions.

We have broken our normal half and full day programmes into shorter "bite size" pieces for easier online delivery. This can be highly motivational and effective when used to run an entire course (Sales skills excellence or Mind your own business) over a period of a few weeks as it helps keep momentum but also gives time to implement and review what is being learned.

The modular approach is a very cost effective way of keeping staff and teams at the top of their game and, whether back in offices or remote working, will help keep people motivated, committed and up to date with legislative knowledge and best practice.  

You can see the full schedule of upcoming courses, book and securely make payments here:


These programmes can be run in a format to suit your organisation as formal training sessions or as individual or group mentoring sessions.

We welcome the opportunity of discussing your training needs and our flexibility means we will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Please call us on 01753 889287 or contact us by email at enquiries@integra-ps.co.uk

  • 1.       Sales Skills Excellence (sales or lettings) - six modules

  • Module One - Creating excellent first impressions, taking control and building trust

  • The Importance of Customer Service
  • Creating an Exceptional First Impression
  • Taking control of the conversation - assertiveness
  • Setting, Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Communication Skills - Face to Face/Telephone/Online/Written Communication
  • Questioning & Listening Skills
  • Voice - words and tone
  • Body language
  • Building Trust & Rapport
  • Obtaining reviews and recommendations
  • Module Two - the sales process, obtaining information and using to secure business
  • The sales funnel
  • Open and closed questions
  • Identifying needs and wants
  • Identifying the dominant buying or selling, renting or letting motive
  • Using features and benefits to create business
  • Maximising Productivity in a Sales Role – Cross Selling/Up Selling - identifying other business opportunities
  • Recording information
  • The AIDA Sales Model
  • The Process of Negotiation
  • Creating Win-Win Solutions
  • Obtaining reviews and recommendations
  • Module Three - Closing and successfully overcoming objections
  • Trial closes
  • The nail down
  • Other closing techniques - alternative, assumptive etc.
  • Identifying the real objection
  • Quantifying the real objection
  • Overcoming the real objection and closing
  • Module Four - Effective viewings and obtaining offers
  • Achieving more viewing appointments
  • Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • Carrying out effective viewing appointments - online or physical
  • Security Essentials
  • Obtaining constructive viewing feedback
  • Encouraging and securing offers
  • Taking an offer
  • Preparing to, and putting forward, an offer
  • Reinforcement and social proofing
  • Obtaining reviews and recommendations
  • Module Five - Booking and carrying out exceptional valuations to win instructions
  • Identifying valuation opportunities
  • Successfully handling fee enquiries
  • Gaining valuations 
  • Booking valuation appointments to give the valuer the best chance to secure the instruction
  • Preparation for the valuation appointment
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Key stages of an effective valuation
  • Valuing accurately
  • Obtaining the right fee
  • Following up to win business and to learn and improve
  • Obtaining reviews and recommendations
  • Module Six - Successful Sales Progression
  • Setting up a sale for success
  • The conveyancing process
  • The mortgage process
  • Chains
  • Proactively progressing the sale
  • Positive communication with all parties
  • Obtaining reviews and recommendations
  • 2.   Money Laundering Regulation compliance
  • Background to the legislation
  • Penalties and risks for non-compliance
  • Compliance requirements – the essentials – customer due diligence – risk assessments etc
  • Practical systems and processes to manage risk and ensure compliance
  • 3.   Consumer Protection Regulation compliance
  • Background to the legislation
  • Penalties and risks for non-compliance
  • Compliance requirements – the essentials
  • Referral fee compliance
  • Practical systems and processes to manage risk and ensure compliance
  • 4. GDPR compliance
  • Background to the legislation
  • Penalties and risks for non-compliance
  • Compliance requirements – the essentials
  • The six lawful bases for holding personal data
  • Privacy policies, security policies and subject access requests
  • Practical systems and processes to manage risk and ensure compliance

  • 5. Mind Your Own Business series -for managers, partners, directors and business owners - five modules

    • Module One - Business analysis and creating a business plan

    • Why have a business plan?
    • Getting the buy in of staff and other stakeholders - the Jigsaw Puzzle and Sat Nav approach
    • Knowing your numbers
    • Business analysis - the market and the competition
    • Useful business models - SWOT, PESTLE and others
    • Identifying the "Stategic Gap"
    • Future strategies - Ansoff's matrix

      Module Two - Creating a business plan, setting objectives, monitoring results and achieving goals
    • Setting SMART objectives
    • KPIs and KPRs
    • Action plans (two words - action and plan!)
    • Monitoring results - The Sat Nav approach
    • Communication
    • Being a learning organisation

    • Module Three - Great time management and successfully managing change 
    • Practical time management techniques to help you keep in control and get the right things done
    • The four Ds
    • Machiavelli
    • Project managing
    • Obtaining "buy in"
    • A 360 degree holistic approach
    • Communication

    • Module Four - People management, agreeing targets, performance management and reviews
    • Helping your people be the best they can be
    • Situational leadership
    • Agreeing objectives and targets
    • Carrying out effective and motivational performance reviews
    • One minute managing - praising and reprimands
    • Being a learning organisation

    • Module Five - The value of brands, content marketing, farming databases 
    • The value of brands
    • Culture and holistic approach
    • Content marketing and
    • Communication methods/channels including social media
    • Maximising the business "locked up" in your database through "farming
    • Obtaining reviews and recommendations
  • 6. Setting up an estate agency business (sales and/or lettings) - 1 to 1 session
  • Company structure
  • Proposition - differentiators, brand
  • Business plan and exit plan
  • Compliance - registrations, policies, documents, insurance
  • Marketing - channels
  • People - who, employment model, remuneration structures, management
  • Premises - type, flexibility, terms, health and safety
  • Culture and brand reinforcement