Integra Property Services are delighted and proud to work with some of the best and most respected names in the property industry. Many of these businesses have been kind enough to comment on our work with them.

Feedback on Michael Day's Rightmove webinar on 16th January 2019

"I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar, the best I have watched thus far. I made four A4 pages of notes and will certainly be using some of the content in the daily running of my office."

"Really useful, thanks :-)"

"Very good and worthwhile"

"Excellent delivery, succinct, stayed on track"

"Fab thank you"


"I have attended one of Michael Day's training sessions before and I have to say I find him a great speaker and makes everything he talks about very easy to take on board and understand. Thank you for a great webinar."

Feedback after Consumer Protection and Money Laundering Regulations course 21st November 2018

The quality of the presentation and content was very good - Silvina Paz - Address Property Consultants

Very clear and informative - Karl Shepherd - Frank Schippers estate agentA

Your course on CPR/AML for Estate Agents was just brilliant. I learnt a lot about the unique risks faced by EAs, and also reflected about the need for effective risk governance, recording, and monitoring in the sector as a whole - Jody Evans - Legal Eye

Relevant and concise - excellent - anon 

Very informative and thorough in a relaxed manner - Frank Schippers - Frank Schippers estate agents

Excellent presentation along with extensive content and explanation - Steve Casey - Merry's estate agents

Organisation and quality of presentation and content very good - Jonathan Hughes - Aylesfords

Really good! - Fiona Lee - Winkworth Ealing

Excellent - Lisa Brand - Humphrey and Brand

Very good - Tim Ahern - Louise Hewlett Property

Very knowledgeable, good communication - Alan Crouch - Rush, Witt anmd Wilson

Lettings Health Check

We engaged Michael Day of Integra Property Services to carry out a Lettings Health Check of our business and this was undertaken in August 2018.

Michael attended our offices and spent a full working day interviewing staff, auditing files and company procedures. He also undertook some desktop research and looked at much of our documentation and reviewed our website.  In addition, he looked at our current commercial arrangements in regards supplier agreements, and the fees and charges, revenue and profit from ancillary income streams.

We subsequently received a very detailed but easy to digest report from Michael that highlighted his findings and made 112 recommendations and provided a template business plan for future action.

The recommendations ranged from a couple of essential compliance matters to a number of commercial business opportunities and we have subsequently reviewed and put in place a programme of improvement.  As well as helping us “de-risk” our business  and ensure compliance with the myriad of legislation, we believe we are much better placed to generate greater volumes of business and greater revenues which, given the impending tenant fee ban, will be essential.

My business partner Darren, myself and all the staff were delighted with the positive and solution conscious approach taken by Michael and feel that our business is in a much stronger position as a result of having invested in an independent review – the Lettings Health Check.

Chris Harper
Christopher Nevill and Company

Feedback after Consumer Protection & Money Laundering Regulations Course - September 12th 2018

Great content. Mike is a very concise and intelligent trainer, easy to understand and engaging - Gemma Bramwell - Nicolas Van Patrick

Michael's presentation and course content were very good. - Anna Retkenko - AZ Real Estate

Very good! - Beth Waring - Northfields

Excellent, light and enjoyable but informtaive - Sam Smith - Andrew Greenwood 

Course was very good and I liked the examples given from real life situations - Kirsty Warner - Benham and Reeves Lettings

Excellent! - Graham Duffy - Harry Charles

Very well presented, clear and well set out, informative slides made it easier to understand and apply to our business. - Karen Martin - Humphrey & Brand

Very good, practical and industry specific. - Lloyd Clarke - Attwells Solicitors

Well broken down and precise. - Keton Tailor - Cameron

Michael is a fantastic speaker! The content, although daunting to understand was interesting and he somehow made it exciting to learn! - Madison Burgin - First Union

Very good content. To the point and factual. - Clive Edwards - Cameron

Very good. - Nicholas Jordan - Cameron

Very good presentation and content. - Paul Meredith - Cameron

Good, interesting and easy to understand. - Julie Jones - Oasis Estate Agents

Very good and clear. - Hayley Madley - Upsdales

Very interesting. - Christine Froud - Oasis Estate Agents

Well organised, clear and concise explanations. - Julian Smith FNAEA - Thompson Wilson


Peter Athanasiou - Manager - Penny Kenton Estate Agents

It was good to meet you and everyone found the training very helpful.

I will look at all your suggestions and also thank you for sending the templates, they are extremely helpful.

Feedback after Consumer Protection and Money Laundering Regulations course 6th June 2018

Michael Day's presentation and the programme content was really superb! - Steven Herd - My London Home

The organisation, presentation and content were excellent - Angie McMullan - My London Home

Very good with a good structure to the sessions (not drawn out unecessarily) and enjoyable - Dan Batchelor - Wilsons

Very well delivered, very clear and accessible - Anna Quirk - Mann Smith and Partners

Very high quality, a lot of useful information and documentation to use as a future reference - Emma Dear - Crendon House

Great! - Liz Davies - Crendon House

Excellent content and presentation. Very useful and interesting - Andrew Hiscox - Allsopp

Very good - Ashley - Mann Smith and Partners

Very good - James Balmforth - Stapleton Long

The programme exceeded my expectations - Patrick McCarthy - Stapleton Long

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