Integra Property Services are delighted and proud to work with some of the best and most respected names in the property industry. Many of these businesses have been kind enough to comment on our work with them.

Feedback after GDPR Explained training programme 4th April 2018

Very good content and presenttaion - Andy Denison - Denisons

Excellent. Put forward in an easy to follow and practical way. John Donnery - Compass Land and Property Ltd

Concise and very good. Ravi Seth - Seths

Very well organised as usual. Second course by Michael Day I have attended. Very good. Ben Murphy - McCarthy Holden

Good. Informative. Jon Holden - McCarthy Holden

Very informative with good explanations and a pragmatic approach. Michelle Betts - By Jove Media

Great content. Informative. Akhil - Phillip Shaw Ltd.

Excellent presentation. Very professional and easy to listen to and understand. Jo Kodaka - Mashki

Great. Common sense approach. Ian Davies - Mortimers

Excellent. Patrick Aschan - Dartmouth Capital

Excellent. Exceeded my expectations. Maxima Truffer - Breteuil

Clear and pragmatic. Easy to understand. William Delaney - Lawrence Ward & Co

Clear and comprehensive. Chris Soupham - Pike Smith & Kemp Lettings

Detailed and easy to take in. Thank you. - Chris Jones - Warnerheath

Informative and detailed. Very good. - John Murphy - John Murphy Training & Development

Feedback after Consumer Protection & Money Laundering Regulations Course - April 4th 2018

Very helpful and informative. Michael is very good and we have attended seminars of his before - Sean and Maddie Mangan - Next Move Estate Agents

Excellent presentation. Very thorough. - John Vaughan - Prime Portfolio

Great presentation - informative -  Akhil - Phillip Shaw Ltd

Excellent quality presentation - very informative - Mony & Karen Shabatai - Regents Residential

Very detailed, well organised and presented - Hedie Yeganeh - Vivat Property

Feedback after GDPR Explained training programme 7th March 2018

Excellent presentation and programme content - John Rigg - London Estates

Very good , practical review and Michael Day showed his knowledge and experience with well chosen examples -Laurent Lakatos - FPL Properties

Informative and clear - Susan Couch - John Couch Estate Agents Torquay

Very good. To the point and helpful - Janie Andre - Andre Lanauvre

Excellent - Jessica Sebastian - Lanigan Estates

Well informed and relevant to our industry - Carolyn Jones - Curchods

Excellent - Seamus Wylie - Ayrton Wylie

Excellent. Informative with good constructive advice - Michael Ansell - Curchods

Very thorough and clearly presented. Michael Day knows his stuff! - Phyllida Poltock - Buying Agent

Excellent - Stephen and Andrew - Kalfus Properties

Clear and reassuring - Keith Rigby - Bective Leslie Marsh

Very good - David Reed - Antony Roberts

Excellent - Vidhur Mehra - Benham and Reeves Residential Lettings

Helpful content and course moved along nicely - Caroline Weller - Palace Gate Lettings

Very good - Laurence Lai - You Home

Very informative - Deuriti Shah - Instyle Direct

Excellent - Simran Prasad - Benham and Reeves Lettings

Excellent - Jane - Peter Gamble & Co

Excellent. Michael made it interesting and logical. Very concise. - Sally Edgecombe

Excellent - Ian Green - Ian Green Residential

Excellent - Vivienne Harris - Heathgtae

Great! - Rosy Khalastacy - Beauchamp Estates

Interesting and well presented - David Scharfeld - Grant Stanley

Great! - Olga Kustek - AZ Real Estate

Very engaging and informative - Delphne Colombo - Hamptons International

Clear and interesting presentation - Nataliya Makhonina-Byrpan - UK Property Advisers Ltd

Very good. Specfic to property sector. Much better than other presentations attended. - Louise King - Aylesford

Excellent - Jonathan Hughes - Aylesford

Excellent - Yolanda Dew - Central Estates

Clear, concise and informative  - Edna Hunter - Hunter Estates

Very good - Karen Shabatai - Regents Residential

Excellent - Lisa Simon - Carter Jonas

Excellent - very informative - Susie - Rickman Properties

Excellent - Simon Powley - Rickman Properties

Deep and practical - Stuart Mills - Rickman Properties

Excellent. Easy to follow. - Charles Weller - Palace Gate Lettings

Excellent - Guy Fisher - Arlington Residential

Very good - Cathy Clark - Lane and Holmes

Excellent - as always! - Vic Santos - Atlantico Solutions

Very good - Tim Fairweather - Sandfords

Relaxed, knowledegable, communicative presentation. Good and comprehensive content. - Jane Bishop - McGlashans

Presentation great - Hedie Yeganeh - Vivat Properties

Very knowledgeable and firm, practical advice - Henry - Winkworth

Very good and well organised - Robert Sturges - Chestertons

Feedback after GDPR Explained training programme 27th February 2018

Michael Day was excellent and the content was more relevantt than another course we attended through Propertymark! - Matthew Kaye - Kaye and Carey

The programme was very helpful and clear - Stephanie Gladis - Jean Oddy & Co

Michael Day's presentation and the programme content was very good - Marc Von Grundherr - Benham and Reeves

High quality information, very clear and informative - Patrick Alvarado - Nicolas Van Patrick

The programme and presentation was excellent - Ahmed Dabbagh - Mashki

An excellent and interesting programme with an excellent presentation - Edmund Burke - Waltons International

Michael Day was, as always, very clear and succinct. Excellent. - Paul Finch - Beauchamp Estates

Michael Day knows his stuff and was very good and clear - Ali Hassan - Latymers

Excellent - David McKee - McKee and Co

Interesting - David Gilson - College and County

The programme leader's presentation and content was great! - Georgie - London Land

Highly professional, informative, concise and good delivery - David Price - Day Morris

Good format and content - well delivered and explained - Richard Fowler - Richard James

The presentation was concise and covered a lot of areas. The content was more detailed than expected. - Carmel Waller - Inhous

Every aspect was very good and the organisation was excellent - Peter Wetherell - Wetherell

Very well informed and up to date. Good presentation - Ammar Bakhaya - Latymers

Very good. Pragamatic view appreciated - Anon

Clear diction and positive, decisive response to questions which were gratefully received - James Farrance - Braxton

Clear and concise - Marlon - Lurot Brand

Very good - Christian Warman - Tedworth

Very relevant, clear and helpful - Ray Cline - Adrians

Very thorough - Susanna Morris - Campden Estates

Straightforward advice, easy to understand - Sam Gollick - Thomas Jackson

Great. Lots of helpful information. Very relevant - Sean Mangan - Next Move

Excellent - clear and concise - Robert Arnold - Thames Lettings

Well organised - well presented and well prepared - Kasia Mielcarl - Circa London

Excellent - James Robinson - Lurot Brand

Very good - Simon Tollit - Tedworth

Comprehensive & excellent - Caroline France - Harbour Estates

Excellent - covered a lot of info - John Chase - First Union

Very well organised. Michael is easy to follow and kept the room engaged. - Miria Kyprianou - KPS London

Very detailed and in depth - Marc Wrigley - Braxton

Excellent - reassuring! - Steven Harvey - Oasis

Excellent - Very clear - Emma Chase - First Union

Good and informative - Lizzie Harris - E J Harris

Feedback after Consumer Protection & Money Laundering Regulations course

A well strctured and easy to follow programme. Michael Day was very knowledgeable, clear and engaging. - Paula Abbott - Walmsley Estate Agents

Michael Day's presentation was very good and broken up with a few good jokes! Lots of interaction with the delegates. - Off Market Invest

Michael Day was extremely knowledgeable and information was explained clearly. - Cara Buckley - KBS Corporate

The session was very well structured, clear and concise. A good presentation with examples of actual occurences which helped to explain the points and put into fuller context. - Fiona Brick - Taylor Brightwell

Very good and extremely informative. Well presented and it felt like I was being talked to, not at. - Matt Bourton - KBS Corporate

Michael Day was very clear and knowledgeable. - Jeremy Lav - Off Market Invest

Clear and informative and the programme was well run and to time. Nick Wooldridge - Stacks

Good content and questions were covered well. - Claire Lewin - Taylor Brightwell

Excellent presentation. Made it fun! - Ria Geerling - Malverns

Excellent. - Alexander Leon - Malverns

Very good. - Joshua Buckley - H Barnes

Very good and informative. - Amanda White - Bernard Skinner

Very clear. - Steve Pender - Bernard Skinner

The organiation was very good and the presentation and content was also very good. - Paul Dunne, Lloyd Brooks & Colin Donovan - Williams & Donovan

Very comprehensive and in a short time period. - Steve Dourish - Dourish & Day

Very informative and well organised. - Jeremy Day - Dourish & Day

Great organisation, perfectly timed and very informative. The programme content was perfect, very interesting and focused throughout. - Chris Gilbert - 2-Move Estates

Michael Day knew his stuff - very impressive. - Rupert Nicholson - Rampton Baseley



Sam Samuel - Edward Ashdale - after attending a training programme

"Michael Day's content, organisation and presentation was excellent, as usual. Very comprehensive."

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