Integra Property Services are delighted and proud to work with some of the best and most respected names in the property industry. Many of these businesses have been kind enough to comment on our work with them.

Patrick Rampton - Rampton Baseley

We engaged Mike to do a full Lettings Health Check for our business.

I had been to several of Mike’s seminars over the years and always liked what I’d heard; a clear, professional and easily transferable distillation of agency regulations and law. So, after attending one of these recently, I engaged him to have a look at our lettings business.

Mike spent a good two days analysing and reviewing our protocols and practises, and then gave a comprehensive, and perhaps more importantly, comprehensible report on his findings.

All delivered in a matter-of-fact and personable manner. Invaluable.

His report gave us direction and detail which we will integrate in our business over the coming months.

I would consequently highly recommend the Lettings Health Check to any agent, a good value and profitable investment.

Thanks Mike

Shane Ballard - The Norfolk Agents

Thanks Mike, I am really happy with everything that you have done for us. 

Feedback from Rob Hailstone of the Bold Legal Group

"I have known Michael Day for over ten years and, in that time, have worked alongside him as part of various industry stakeholder groups, shared platforms at industry events and shared the screen on many industry webinars.

A consumate professional, Michael has a vast knowledge of the residential property industry, and the people who operate within it, and is a recognised leader as a business mentor, trainer and consultant.

Always honest and direct, with well-considered views, opinions and insights, he delivers these with great gravitas but a wry humour.

As he often describes others, a Top Man!"

Feedback from Ken Hume at James Alexander Estate Agents

"Mike is a consumate professional with a high degree of knowledge and a great attitude towards helping those around him to obtain the necessary understanding of complex matters without ever being patronising.

I would highly recommend that you connect with him if you are involved in the UK property market in any guise.

For me, one of the great tests of any professional is how they react in a crisis and Covid is certainly the acid test, oh how we have seen the mighty fail!

Throughout the Covid 19 lockdown and now as I write in the tentative reopening phase, Mike has been proactively helping Estate Agents up and down the country to develop survival strategies around Covid 19. He has been organising and chairing a huge number of group meetings. His ability to chair these meetings and keep everyone engaged has been exemplary. This has all been without charge or expectation and I feel we have all learnt a great deal from each other thanks to Mike.

Mike is the sort of guy that just loves talking shop and with his in depth knowledge of compliance, he can really help you to stay on top of changes in legislation and guide you on the practical application of those changes to your business.

Highly recommended."

Peter Fragakis - Independent Property Consultant

"Personally, that's the best 10 mins I've spent on LinkedIn over the past 6-7 weeks. I think you've just nailed all the issues within the industry in one interview. You should have MBE added to your list of credentials."

Feedback on industry group meetings during the covid-19 lockdown

Frank Schippers of Frank Schippers and Company: "Thank you for hosting another great webinar, Mike. Lots of positive and worthwhile comments made by the group, which will help my business a lot in the next few weeks."

Jeremy Leaf of Jeremy Leaf and Company: "Another very interesting exchange of views from across the country - remarkable unanimity for estate agents! Hope we can all meet up again soon. It’s clear from the post-meeting comments, we all found these sessions to be a most valuable source of information during lockdown. You’ve demonstrated once again your uncanny knack for bringing together like-minded property professionals who are able to share high-level thoughts in an open and honest manner. Thanks for arranging Mike - excellent work as usual."

Craig Webster of Tiger Estates: "Enjoyed the round table meeting this morning. Really interesting topics and good ideas about how we work once restrictions are lifted. General consensus was that there is going to be an explosion of business opportunities in the coming months from enquiries."

Andrew Farrant of White & Sons: "I have really appreciated the meetings which have been both useful on a practical basis but also very reassuring to know our problems are not unique and some of the decisions we have already made were the right ones. Thank you very much for organising."

Toby Limbrick of Network Auctions & Elliott Lettings: "Thanks for yesterday, a really good session. The attachments are going to save me a stack of work preparing our return to work policy for which I’m grateful."

Jennie Fundell of White & Sons: "Thank you once again for today, I can’t tell you how comforting, open and informative these catch ups are. They say that many people/businesses will be judged based on their actions during this time – I will always hold you in the highest regard.  At a time of need you have remained positive, committed and relevant.  I hope you are rushed off your feet with new business as a consequence!"

Susan Couch of John Couch & Co: "Thank you very much for including me – I realise I am very lucky and it makes a big difference to me to listen to what everyone has to say.  I know I don’t say a lot but its very very valuable to me."

William Carrington, Chairman of Lonres: "These meetings were a great insight and very useful. Thank you."

Lee O'Brien, Director at David Lee Estates: "Thank You very much for having me as a part of these talks Mike, I found them really helpful."

Patrick Rampton of Rampton Baseley: "Thanks Mike, I thought that the meetings were excellent."

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