PR and Press Coverage

Gaining coverage in appropriate media about your business is a hugely valuable and extremely cost effective marketing approach.

There are many reputable studies showing that the value of press coverage is several times that of equivalent paid for advertising.

Articles, blogs and news stories in the press build and reinforce brand values and business service and product credibility. They can also then be used as social media and direct e-marketing content

Obtaining coverage requires a couple of key things in order to be successful.

  • Relevant, well written and newsworthy content. Blatant advertorial will not pass muster and get published.
  • Submission to the right media and contacts. Good relationships with key journalists and editors is vital.

Businesses often fail to utilise the opportunities that exist simply because

  • they feel they don’t have the time
  • they feel that they haven’t got anything to say
  • they think that engaging someone will be very expensive
  • they think it will involve a long term contract.

None of these things are true or should get in the way of successfully building awareness and presence for your brand, business and products.

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