Michael Day receives Lifetime Achievement Award

I have always believed that you can have anything you want in life providing you just spend enough time helping other people achieve what they want in life.

On Friday night, in front of several hundred of my peers at the Grosvenor House on London’s Park Lane, I was honoured to be awarded The Negotiator Lifetime Achievement Award.

This came as a complete surprise and I am incredibly humbled, but also immensely proud, at receiving recognition for what I have achieved during my 48 years in the industry (I started when I was three!).

Whilst I have received a number of awards during my career, this is undoubtedly the most wonderful and significant (so far!)

I have enjoyed a long and successful career and have met and worked with many great people along the way. It has, of course, from time to time had its challenges and developing the resilience to cope has also been important. None more so than when I underwent a triple heart bypass two years ago.

I am now even more grateful to my wife Susan (the FD) who nagged me into having some tests and my surgeon Mr Mario Petrou and his skilled team for putting me in the position where I am even able to collect such a wonderful award!

Over the years, like many others, I have supported various good causes and charities including becoming a Founder Member of Agents Together and, this year, walking over one million steps (500 miles) for Diabetes UK. Some of these activities I have shouted loudly about, some have been more low key. Either way I shall continue to try to put back more than I take out.

Of course, I often wonder whether a Lifetime Achievement Award means that you are about to retire or is a subtle “suggestion” that perhaps you should!!!

At some point I will, of course, pull up the drawbridge and retreat into my mancave studio with my lute!. However, as I write, I have no intention of doing so and already have a diary full of training sessions, mentoring sessions, conference presentations and other client work in 2024.

Finally, I hope that my award will help inspire others within the property sector and that it provides a clear demonstration that if you do put your customers and clients first and at the heart of everything you do, you will reap rewards for doing so. 

Thank you for your friendship and support