Integra activity - An update on the projects that Integra have been handling recently.

Since my last newsletter, my time has, like many others, been dominated by the introduction of GDPR. I have run several training courses (both open and for specific companies) with over 600 delegates attending.

Whilst due for implementation on 25th May 2018, the world is unlikely to immediately change but businesses do need to tackle a few key aspects in order to be compliant.

A privacy policy is key as well as looking at the data one holds, particularly if being used for marketing purposes.

I am sure you, like me, have had hundreds of emails seeking consent by asking you to opt back in to mailing lists. With very few exceptions, I have ignored and expect my inbox to be considerably less full in the future. In many cases (not all) those businesses did not need to do this as they already held a lawful basis for processing my data. Many are potentially committing commercial suicide by doing so as, having asked for consent, if not received, they must delate the personal data held.

Whilst the focus has been on GDPR it is vital that businesses do not lose sight of an ever vigorous approach to monitoring compliance with Money Laundering Regulations by HMRC or the pitfalls and costs of paying compensation due to failures in Consumer Protection Regulation matters. I have another open course planned for June 6th in London and bookings are being taken now – see here:

I have continued to provide several businesses with ongoing mentoring of their team leaders and others. This is proving invaluable and the feedback has been excellent as regular short, highly focused sessions are enabling staff to learn and grow as a result. With over 40 years experience in the industry, I am clearly an experienced voice and, crucially, speak the same language as those involved.

At the beginning of May I facilitated and chaired an “away day” for a long term client. The session gave the opportunity for all of the staff to take a look at the business and start to plan improvements and the future direction of the business. It was useful to ascertain what “good looks like” and work on how everyone could look to beat their “personal bests”

The last few weeks saw me complete the judging for the Property Press Awards and May 15th saw me attend City Hall for the evening’s presentations. It was great to mix with the great and good from across the industry and congratulations to all of the worthy winners.

In May I also completed my judging for the LFS Conveyancing Awards with a series of telephone interviews with the leaders of conveyancing businesses. This was the final part in a robust process that makes these awards stand out as being objective and leading in their field. I now look forward to attending the conference and awards night in Birmingham on 19th September.

May 15th saw Integra celebrate our 15th anniversary and I was delighted with two articles that appeared in the trade press.

You can read an article by Graham Norwood of Estate Agent Today here:

You can read an interview with Ros Renshaw of Property Industry Eye here:

The last few week have seen me write the content for two new agency websites as well as provide news content for websites and manage the social media activity for around twenty agency clients.

With the property market somewhat challenging and the additional pressures of increasing legislation and the impending ban on charging tenant fees, there will undoubtedly be many agents who are finding the heat in the kitchen a little too warm whilst others capitalise on the opportunities that exist.

I am currently acting for a number of my agency clients who are seeking to expand their operations and we are in discussions with parties looking to dispose of their businesses or lettings portfolios. These negotiations are, understandably highly confidential and being held under the cover of mutual NDAs.

If you are thinking of disposing or acquiring a business or a portfolio, please contact me for a confidential discussion.