Integra Activity

Having had a highly successful triple heart bypass in December 2021, I had deliberately kept my diary largely clear of work in January 2022. However, my recovery was so remarkable that I soon stepped up activity and was working, albeit at a sensible pace, from the beginning of the year.

Now we are halfway through the year and I am delighted to report that, even allowing for a build up of activity due to my recovery, my revenues are now back at pre covid levels.

I would very much like to thank my clients for their ongoing confidence and for all of the kind and positive messages I have received.

When you are running a business like mine it is vital to stay relevant and that often requires an ability to pivot and adjust both the service offerings provided and the way in which they are delivered.

Covid accelerated many paradigm shifts in business and for me the major one was the investment in moving nearly all of my training activity online and creating an online booking and payment system via my website.

This has resulted in me undertaking more training activity than ever before and being able to extend my geographical reach to secure new clients across the UK.

Having broken my training courses into a modular format (each session is between 75-90 minutes) in order to make them easily digestible in the online environment, I have had over 700 delegates attend sessions in the first half of 2022.

To see all of my “open sessions” in sales skills and compliance (AML. CPR and GDPR) for the remainder of 2022 please visit my website here – you can book and pay securely via the site.

Many clients engage me to run specific session exclusively for their teams and I have run these for up to 150 delegates at a time. Please speak to me to discuss your requirements.

In addition to training, I provide other services in three main areas.

  • Compliance  – helping with procedures and policies, terms of business etc and bringing a professional but pragmatic approach as, after 46 years in the industry, I do understand the positions of everyone involved!
  • Content – providing and managing content for websites, social media channels and other marketing. Production of press releases for clients.
  • Mentoring – working with business owners on their strategies, organisational management and business development. Having been a Partner at AC Frost, Regional Director at PPS, a main board Director at Connells, NED at teclet and having run my own business for nearly 20 years, together with my range of professional and business qualifications, there is a lot of knowledge and experience to call upon.

I also get asked to get involved in specific projects for clients and so if you feel you would benefit from my knowledge and experience, please contact me and let’s talk. It could be the best call you ever make!

Whilst face to face contact is always desirable, the use of platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype and Google can greatly improve productivity when working with clients and also reduce costs due to the time saved and money spent on travel etc.

I have a number of online interviews and podcasts lined up in the coming weeks and thoroughly enjoyed a wide ranging live interview with Chris Walkey of Estate Agent Network that took place in June - you can watch here:

The number of clients I have dealt with to date in 2022 is up 10% on the same period in 2021 and, following a review of my pricing structures, the average revenue per invoice is up 23% in quarter two over quarter one 2022. I am huge believer in businesses “knowing their numbers” and their key drivers and performance indicators. I am extremely flexible in how I work with clients and certainly look to get everyone working smarter, not necessarily harder!  

Having been a shareholding NED at teclet we are now in an exciting growth phase under the ownership of OnTheMarket and a period where we are looking to maximise the return from our strategic sale decision. 

As well as my direct Integra activities, I remain a member of the senior management team at teclet and I am a member of the advisory board at Coadjute. I am also a participant member of the Home Buying & Selling Group and a Founder Member of the industry charity Agents Together.

At the end of June I had the pleasure of representing Agents Together at the Propertymark national conference in London. I spent the entire day talking with people from across the industry, many of whom I have known for twenty, thirty and even forty, years. It was a fabulous day, the charity gained considerable traction and, on a pure socialising and networking basis, it was superb.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to discuss any areas where I may be of assistance to you and your business whether booking a single delegate on a training programme or a discussing around greater involvement at NED level.