Integra Activity


Towards the end of 2021 a lot of my business activity was geared towards having projects completed ahead of my heart surgery on December 10th and on ensuring that clients for whom I carry out ongoing social media, content management and e-newsletter production did not suffer any break in continuity.

I am delighted to report that this was achieved alongside positive communication about my circumstances with all of my clients.

Those of you who know me well, know the value I place on planning and on controlling the things one can control.

A major piece of surgery such as a triple heart by-pass certainly provides focus and I am proud of the way in which I managed both the lead up to the event and the aftermath so far. I could not have done this without a clear plan (or series of plans) and the support of family, friends and clients.

I have made a lot of notes about what I did and how a positive mindset and planning de-stressed the situation for everyone and helped make things run smoothly. I feel that there are a lot of excellent learnings to be taken and I am currently planning and writing (there we go again) a blog, or even a book, which will put the events into a combination of personal and business contexts that I feel will be useful to many. Watch this space!

One area that I was working on with several clients was business planning for 2022 and I have already picked up with them to ensure that these are, not only in place, but being actively monitored and managed to ensure success.

In a similar vein, I carried out a Lettings Health Check in November and, following further discussion and an agreement on actions to be taken, look forward to working with the client in delivering the positive changes that will help them maximise the opportunities for improvement identified.  

Again, in November, I secured a new professional services client looking to grow their business operations and I have monthly meetings scheduled throughout 2022 as we look to consolidate a network of businesses into a group structure and basically make 2 plus 2 equal 5 (or more)!

Training remains a key element of my service offering and I have scheduled all of my open compliance and sales courses for 2022. Dates until the end of April are already on the integra website – - the others will follow shortly. All courses are also available on a bespoke company basis, as is my Mind Your Own Business Management programme.

Interestingly I delivered a AML training course in November (on behalf of an individual client) to my largest ever online audience – over 120 delegates (based in the UK and the Far East) – this necessitated running the session a little differently to normal but it all went smoothly and feedback was excellent.

2021 saw me deliver more training courses than in any year previously and so the value of personally delivered content in an online setting is clear, offering as it does, great flexibility and value to everyone.

2021 also saw me act for my 1250th client since starting the business in 2003. A milestone of which I am particularly proud.

Finally, I picked up a couple of nice accolades towards the end of the year. In late October I was voted Exceptional in the EA Masters Supplier of the Year awards. This maintains my success over the five years since the inception of the EA Masters and is particularly pleasing as it is voted for by industry clients.

This was followed in November by achieving a Bronze Award at the Negotiator Awards in the Supplier of the Year (Professional Services) category. I had been a shortlisted finalist for six successive years and so to end up with a “rostrum finish” was particularly pleasing this time.

2021 ended up 13% ahead of 2020 in revenue terms and had a couple of other notable achievements.

I became an advisory board member at Blockchain technology business Coadjute and OnTheMarket completed their acquisition in May of Glanty (teclet) where I was a NED. Whilst I am no longer a statutory director at Glanty, I remain part of the senior team and we have exciting plans alongside our new owners.

One of my objectives for 2022 is to find another appropriate and non-conflicting NED role in the industry where my knowledge, skills and experience can be put to good use.

December 29th 2021 saw me complete 46 years in the property industry - I look forward to year 47. 

As always, I would be delighted to discuss any aspects of your business and where I may be able to be of assistance.