Integra Activity

2021 started as 2020 left off with a good level of activity. In particular with the take up of my online training courses.

I had arranged with several clients towards the end of 2020 to deliver programmes in January and February and, alongside my normal open courses, I ran three additional AML sessions, two sales skills excellence sessions, one GDPR session and ten Mind Your Own Business management sessions. A total of two hundred delegates attended these “bespoke” sessions.

I have always considered myself to be charming, intelligent, knowledgeable and witty (!) and I have been in much demand as an interview guest on various industry video shows and podcasts.

In December I was interviewed by Christopher Watkin and a series of ten videos resulted. Already in 2021 I have been interviewed by Conveyancing Matters (their first ever guest to be asked back twice!), Vanessa Warwick for Property Tribes and Marion Ellis for the Surveyors Hub Podcast.

February saw the successful completion on the sale of a client’s lettings business. The sale of which I had arranged and managed over the preceeding few months.

Elliott Lettings in Watford were my client and Belvoir Watford the successful acquirers.  

The sale has enabled Stuart Elliott and Toby Limbrick to now concentrate their time and resources on their successful Network Auctions business and other projects.

I am currently working on a potential acquisition for another client. As always these transactions remain completely confidential until after they have successfully concluded.

Wearing my teclet hat (I am a shareholder and NED) I attended several internal management and product development meetings and a number of external meetings with potential partner organisations.

Our new modular CRM platform is now being rolled out across the Hunters network and will sit alongside our existing lettings platform and bring sales into the suite of options available. Our award winning lettings platform capability is being enhanced in property maintenance and client accounting with the addition of full integration with Fixflo Pro, Payprop and LettsPay.

At the end of 2020 we secured two major national estate agency accounts (currently remaining under wraps) that will put teclet right at the top of estate agency proptech.

I am so impressed with our products and the future direction of travel that I am in the process of increasing my investment in the business.

On the charitable front I continue my work as a Founder Member of Agents Together which now has around 250 mentor/mentee relationships under its belt. I completed three six month programmes last year and have two running at the present time.

I am also a Member of the QED educational trust and attended our AGM during February.

The weeks ahead have a number of exciting projects planned in addition to my regular training courses, all of which have now been scehduled through to the end of June, and are available to book via my website.

I have been appraoched this year by three organisations seeking my input as a potential NED. I was delighted to be approached but felt that none of them were a good enough fit either personally or because of potential conflicts of interest.

I remain open to discussions with those seeking an experienced, well connected, professional as a mentor or external resource or, possibly, as a NED.