Integra Activity

The first quarter of 2020 was an excellent one with a wide variety of work being undertaken for a wide selection of clients.

Alongside my usual mentoring and bespoke training sessions, I successfully ran an open Money Laundering & Consumer Protection Regulation course in London in February and was looking forward to running another in May. I have now cancelled the May course and the next is scheduled for September 16th.

In addition, I had agreed to speak and present at a series of eight roadshows being run by LegalforLandlords on excellence. These have now been rescheduled and details can be found in this newsletter.

I had also been engaged by deposit replacement specialists flatfair to chair six round table industry discussions about the lettings market, one year on from the tenant fee ban. These have currently been cancelled but we hope to put them back in the calendar later in the year.

In addition to various training and speaking engagements, I carried out a full Lettings Health Check for a client in SW London and had set up a series of mentoring meetings with another SW London agent. Again, sadly, these have had to be put on ice for the time being.

Some of my clients are continuing to engage me on their communications strategies, providing bespoke messaging to clients and customers and running their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, I also produce regular newsletters for distribution to their databases.

Good communication has never been more important. Now is not a time for selling but it is a great time for providing information and reassurance to customers and ensuring that future opportunities for business are more likely to come your way.

To try and help people in the industry I have chaired two (so far) free industry round table groups on Zoom with over thirty firms represented. These provide opportunities to share information and discuss issues and have been well received.

I have also been spending a considerable amount of time helping clients with their immediate mitigation plans. Hopefully we will soon be able to look at drawing up new business plans for the future too.

I have taken part in a webinar for Landmark UK on Money Laundering compliance that airs on 7th April and will be taking part in a live broadcast being facilitated by TM Property on 15th April.

teclet, where I am a non-executive Director is proving extremely valuable to agents and property managers who are now remote working as it provides access, not only to the agent and property manager, but also to landlords, tenants and guarantors. We can get your business set up in about 48 hours and have extended our free trial period to five months.

This could be the time to get your business ready for the future – please take a look

The current situation is difficult for everybody and I am no exception. Fortunately, I have a great book of clients and industry contacts that I am regularly engaging with. The next few weeks will undoubtedly see us start looking forward and, hopefully, getting our businesses back on an even footing.

I am here to help so if your have any questions, or anything where you think my input would be beneficial, please contact me.  

Stay positive, stay strong and stay safe!